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Wrong again!

As ballots were counted and State after State swung from Democrat to Republican, the Clinton camp and liberal pollsters gaped in astonishment.  "How could we have gotten it so wrong?!" many pundits wailed as an unbroken trail of red filled parts of the map that most everyone was beyond confident would turn blue.  Pollsters boggled as votes by Latinos and women - demographics that most believed would surely vote for Clinton - continued to vote for Donald Trump instead.

The reasons for Hillary's defeat (as opposed to Trump's victory) are legion, and I'll outline a few of these.


Playing the Gender Card (Over and Over Ad Nauseum)

Katy Perry's Madam President
Katy Perry @ Clinton Campaign Rally ~ Daniel Acker/Bloomberg/Getty


Perhaps the biggest single blunder of the Clinton campaign was that they made the entire thing out to be about gender politics - which had already become deplorable even before Beyonce took up the Feminist mantle.  Two years ago, Time Magazine ran an online poll over Which Word Should be Banned in 2015? and, as something of a lark, made "Feminist" one of the fifteen terms - by the time outrage from vocal Feminists 'persuaded' Time to cancel the poll, "Feminist" had already dominated the ballots with a 54% majority.  From the infamous UVa / Rolling Stone debacle to Paul Feig's fetid Feminist abortion, America has had so much of this sexist ideology crammed down their throats for so long that they simply had no choice but to spew the bile back up or suffocate.

The Steady, Inglorious Demise of Feminism

Numerous polls the past few years have found that 78% to 94% of Americans support unconditional gender equality, yet the number of Americans who identify as Feminist has steadily dwindled since its 1992 peak of 33% and is currently down to around 15%.  The story for Feminism in Great Britain is even worse, where less than 7% identify as Feminist.  The fact that Hillary Clinton is a woman bore very little actual weight with American voters - what DID influence voters, however, was that Hillary seemed incapable of ever shutting up about it!  For all the accusations about Donald Trump's ego, voters (women in particular) found Hillary's incessant 'It's all about the vaginas, baby!' was a massive turnoff.

The type of sexism the Clinton camp railed against hasn't existed in America for longer than her targeted demographic (young college women) have even been alive!

Three Little Sexist Pigs Madeleine Albright / Hillary Clinton / Gloria Steinem


And it isn't sexist to point out that no one holds a grudge like women can - Hillary Clinton alienated huge droves of her potential female supporters when Albright condemned empowered women to Hell for not blindly supporting Hillary while Steinem lambasted the women who supported Bernie Sanders as mindless boy-chasers.  Despite these sexist slurs being made almost four months prior to the election (and both women later publicly apologized), millions of educated female voters were still seething over this by the time they cast their ballots.

For all the ranting Feminists do about gender bias, they sure seem to to give sexist bias favoring women (and against men) a free pass.

Fluffy!  Fluffy!  Fluffy!
Gabriel Iglesias ~ Unity Through Laughter


Gabriel Iglesias (aka Fluffy) offers an explanation concerning his Latino heritage which serves as a hallmark lesson in how Hillary Clinton should have approached the gender issue - "I'm not a woman who is running for the Presidency; I'm a Presidential candidate who happens to be a woman!"  Yet, even in defeat, Clinton continues to spew vitriol such as "I'm sorry we didn't break the [mythical] glass ceiling this time" (which really wasn't appropriate for a supposed 'concession speech').



Socialism in Scrubs

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (aka "Obamacare") was pushed through Congress by questionable means, against the wills of the general public and failed to live up to its name in any fashion.  The legislation did nothing to protect patients, robbed them of their right to select their own providers, is by no means 'affordable' owing to skyrocketing premiums, actively LOWERED the standard of care received by most, and rivals the Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act of 1930 as the most deplorable ideological drivel to be foisted onto the American public.  Furthermore, premiums were expected to increase by more than 120% yet Hillary Clinton boasted how she intended to double-down on this fiasco.

Even if she still intended to become Obama 2.0, the very least she could have done would have been to openly acknowledge the shortcomings of Obamacare and announce her intention to revise them and make it actually work as advertised.


Avoiding the High Road

The Mistress and Master of Mudslinging

The 2016 Presidential Campaign was rife with such mudslinging and infighting as to rival the 1800 Election between Thomas Jefferson and John Adams.  The vitriol amidst the preliminaries was detestable enough, but both Clinton and Trump turned things past eleven once the real campaign was underway.  

Hillary passed over a golden opportunity to take the high road and keep things on her side civil.  By countering Trump's vinegar with honey - defying what the nation has come to expect from campaigning politicians - simply her attitude would have made her stand out as the 'Change Candidate'.  Civility doesn't mean doormat, and Clinton could easily have danced circles around Trump with respectful rhetoric.


Campaigning as Obama 2.0

Hillary Campaigns as Obama 2.0Incumbent President Obama Stumps for Hillary Clinton


A significant segment of voters also took exception to Obama's 'enthusiastic' campaigning on Hillary's behalf.  Seriously. Here's Hillary Clinton setting out to prove that she's every bit as capable as any man, yet she leaned so heavily upon the incumbent President to campaign on her behalf.  For as much as Clinton tried to present herself as an independent woman, this white-knighting by Obama smacked of the same ideological Social Justice Warrior drivel as Emma Watson's infamous "He for She" campaign.

Furthermore, it had long been crystal clear that the American public felt disenfranchised by Obama's administration.  When voters are crying out for "NOT Obama", publicly announcing the intent to become the heir apparent to Obama's legacy (in addition to his campaigning on her behalf) was about the surest way to alienate the silent majority - particularly among women and non-black voters.


There were numerous other strikes and faux paus against Hillary Clinton - as far back as the Lewinsky scandal, through the Benghazi incident, and as recent as the issue with emails - but these were close to immaterial.  Had it not been for the considerable blunders outlined above, these other matters could have been quietly swept under the rug and few voters would even have remembered them come Election Day.


Twyla Naythias Fox